Bhagat Singh Series: Bhagat Singh in Love?

A large number of books have been written about Bhagat Singh, encircling his personal life as well as the life of revolutionary that he lived up to the gallows. Almost all of them have mentioned the incident of Bhagat's escape from Lahore in train with Durga Bhabhi (Wife of Bhagwati Charan Vohra, a comrade of HSRA and accused in the Lahore Conspiracy Case) towards Calcutta. I found it very strange and surprising synchronously while reading a different perspective on that incident shown by veteran Journalist Kuldeep Nayar in his book "Without Fear: The Life and Trial of Bhagat Singh."
Kuldeep Nayar had given, though not clear indication,
but some absurd hints about something that happened between Durga Bhabhi and Bhagat Singh. He writes,  while both were regularly talking to each other during the whole journey, there may be chances of any possible emergence of some kind of affection in Bhagat Singh's heart, though he never expressed it in clear terms, neither was it his legacy to do this as a revolutionary. Kuldeep Nayar has tried to invoke some explanations about his assessment of the incident. He related this with the arguments that took place between Sukhdev and Bhagat when the latter was not included in the squad that was to throw bombs in Central Assembly. Though some of you might take it as an insult of the great revolutionary hero but I have just tried to bring forward this to make it clear that while taking such personalities in heroic forms we often forget that they were too human beings, they too had emotions that are signature to human beings, though they were strong enough to put aside all the weaknesses leaving their duties unaffected.
-Abu Turab Naqvi

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