Bhagat Singh Series : Jaun Elia About Bhagat Singh

Famous Poet Jaun Elia was deeply moved by the courage of Bhagat Singh as a revolutionary. He had admitted his affection for Bhagat Singh along with two others in an interview published on 12 March 1994 in Roznama Jung, Pakistan . Jaun Elia speaks in elated terms, " Three lads have impressed me a lot ( in history ) and these are Bhagat Singh, Gama Pahelwan (wrestler) and Sultana Daku ( the famous Decoit of UP). Bhagat Singh was the symbol of rebellion during the reign of British Imperialists. Gama Pahelwan was the metaphor of our (United India's ) physical strength and Sultana Daku gave an extremely tough time to the Imperialist government of UP."

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