Celebrating Bihar Utsav 2015 at Dilli Haat

Bihar Utsav 2015 at Dilli Haat

Artwork from Bihar
More than 100 years of glorious art and culture of Bihar, handicrafts and handloom , Madhubani Paintings, Sikki Craftwork, Bhagalpuri Silk and  very famous food items like Litti Chokha, malpua, makhana kheer, you can find it all at one place at Delhi's cultural hub, Dilli Haat.

Bihar is celebrating its 103rd foundation Day and the event is marked with the exhibition of Bihar's Cultural Heritage, its artwork, its food, folk music and Dance. Bihar Utsav, started from 22nd of March will last till 30th. You can enjoy cultural events everyday at 5:30 in the evening. 

Woman Showing Artwork
Bihar is famous all over the world for Madhibani art. Though Madhubani or Maithila style of painting is practiced in the northern areas of India and Nepal also but, Bihar has a uniqueness in this style that no one competes.
You can also find Bhagalpuri Silk, Jute work from Patna and Sikki artwork from Madhubani at the exhibition.The exhibition will last till 30th of March. 
Apart from Handicrafts and handloom, Bihar is featuring its folk culture through Dance and Musical Events in the exhibition. The ehibition has enough material to attract the lovers of Artworks, Hadicrafts, Silk and Cotton of Bihar and elegant samples of Madhubani Art. 
Stall of Bhagalpuri Silk

Sikki Artwork from Madhubani

Stall of Jute Craftwork from Patna
Beautiful Pieces of Wooden Craft

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