15 Wonderful Quotes about Writing and Writers

Writing is an art that needs inspiration be it in the form of words or phrases. Here are some wonderful quotes from famous writers, poets, and critics that will give you the spark of inspiration to lighten up the writer's flame in you.

Quote 1 - Beware of bad writing!

Quote 2 - Bleed the stories out!

Quote 3 - Tell you stories before you die! 

Quote 4 - Writing is not that important!

Quote 5 - Start now!

Quote 6 - Write whenever you feel like!

Quote 7 - It is as easy as dancing! 

Quote 8 - It's tongue twister! 

Quote 9 - Women! have your room first! 

Quote 10 - Let the rhythm flow in your prose! 

Quote 11- Read before you write! 

Quote 12 - Childhood fairy tales! 

Quote 13 - Simply writing! 

Quote 14 - Begin from the beginning! 

Quote 15 - Convey the feeling! 

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