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Kitabwallah: The Autobiography of Malcolm X

  Title: The Autobiography of Malcolm X Narrated to: Alex Haley by Malcolm X First Published: 1965 in Hardcover by Grove Press, Inc., New York, USA Those who are acquainted with the Civil Rights Movements and Black Revolution of the United States of America must know Malcolm X. A firebrand orator, a devoted Muslim and flag bearer of the Blacks’ right in North America. Malcolm X was born Malcolm Little in Lansing, Michigan on May 19, 1925, to Earl Little and Louise Little. His father was a Baptist minister and an organizer of Marcus Garvey’s Universal Negro Improvement Association that preached reversal of the Blacks to their Ancestral homeland – Africa. Due to his links with the association of Garvey and his activities in revolutionizing the black masses against White injustice, he was very much on the radar of White militant groups such Ku Klux Klan and was getting constant threats of facing consequences if he did not stop his activities. Eventually, he met the consequences
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Kitabwallah: Embers by Sandor Marai

Set in the late nineteenth century, this novel by Hungarian novelist Sandor Marai, originally written in Hungarian and translated into English by Carol Brown Janeway,discusses a variety of colorful aspects of human life. It talks about royalties, castles, solitude, dimly lit rooms with furniture that hasn't been touched in decades, emotions, love, friendship, deceit and betrayal, a possible extramarital affair, and a failed murder attempt.            The story begins with the introduction of the protagonist, the general, who receives a letter informing him of the arrival of his guest, a friend whom he has not seen in 41 years. Then it introduces another important character, Nini, the ninety-year-old nurse who has suckled the general and served as a refuge for him during difficult times. The story continues by describing the preparations in the castle for the guest's long-awaited arrival, depicting melancholy scenes from the dining hall and leading to the salon where both the

कोई दर्द आशना नहीं

पहला भाग चाय का कप हाथ में पकड़े ख़ामोश बैठे रहना और बैठे बैठे सोचते रहना । उसके दिन का ज़्यादातर हिस्सा बस इसी तरह गुज़रता । कहने को शायर मगर एक भी ग़ज़ल काग़ज़ पर नहीं उतरती। सिर्फ़ बैठे बैठे तसव्वुर के कैनवास पर ऊट पटांग तस्वीरें बनाते रहना और फिर उन अधबनी, आड़ी तिरछी तसवीरों को मिटाकर नयी तस्वीरें बनाना। इसी तरह सुबह को दोपहर और दोपहर को शाम कर देना । कहने को तन्हा तन्हा मगर अपने आप से बातें करने में इतना मगन कि किसी को उसके तन्हा होने का एहसास तक न हो। दिन भर लोगों के बीच भीड़ में बैठे रहना मगर फिर भी न किसी से बात करना न ही किसी से मिलना जुलना। बिलकुल अजीब सा किरदार है वो। अपनी कहानी का अकेला किरदार शायद। मैंने तो कभी उसे किसी से इस तरहा मिलते बात करते नहीं देखा। हाँ थोड़ी बहुत किसी साथ के स्टूडेंट से बात कर ली तो उसे बात करना नहीं कहेंगे। यूं हाए हेलो करना और हाल चाल पूछ कर चलो फिर मिलेंगे कहकर अलग हो जाना । ये कोई बात करना या समाजी होना तो नहीं होता। इसी लिए मैंने उसे अपनी कहानी का तन्हा किरदार कहा । रोज़ कैम्पस में दिखता है मगर मैंने कभी भी उससे बात करने की कोशिश नहीं की।

Ten Things to do During Lockdown

Everyone around the corner is talking about corona virus and lockdown over the internet and famous social media platforms. As the 21-day lockdown is going to meets its end on 15th of April but it is more likely that it can be extend further seeing the rising cases of COVID-19 in the country. Stick to their phones and laptops most of the time, people are sharing throwback pictures, their workout sessions and other such activities, that they are doing to put the boredom brought up by the lockdown, on their Facebook and Instagram handles. Celebrities and famous personalities are locked up inside million-rupee flats and bungalows. More or less, the statistics and observations are proving this pandemic to be an urban crisis, for majority of the cases reported so far come from the urban localities. However, India is going through a 21-day long lockdown and everyone is shut inside their houses. People are utilizing this time differently. Some people are doing creative things and others

मेरे होंटों का गीत बनो - कविता

तुम परिजात के फूलों सी दिल आँगन में बिखरो महको तुम ग्रीष्म ऋतू की चिड़ियों सी धीमे धीमे सुर में चहको तुम प्रेम पियाले को पीकर मदमस्त रहो झूमो बहको तुम प्रेमाग्नि के पाँवन से अंगारों की तरह दहको तुम प्रेम गीत का राग बनो और मेरे कानों में गूंजो तुम श्वेत चांदनी की तरह मेरे दिल आँगन में फैलो ऐ काश कि तुम मेरी प्रीत बनो मेरे होंटों का गीत बनो - अबू तुराब 

The 3T strategy of South Korea against COVID-19

Source: Wikipedia After its origin from the Wuhan city of China, the novel corona virus has spread all over the world like bush fire. Infecting half a million people globally and killing thousands of them mainly in China, Italy, Spain, Iran and USA, it is now spreading its roots in India. The number of reported cases is increasing at an alarming rate in India (800+ positive cases and 17 deaths while the article is being written) has to put the whole country under 21-day lock-down putting the economic wagon at the stake of derailing amidst its previous slowdown. However, as per the WHO guidelines the social distancing seems to slowdown the rate of spreading infection but it not the only solution that can single-handedly counter the problem. China has already reportedly overcome the problem by imposing lock downs. Another country that came out triumphant in the war against this deadly virus is South Korea which was under threat of serious troubles due to corona virus pandemic.