Inside the Tomb of Khan E Khanan

It was all nice to visit that place that I often used to see while travelling in the bus on Mathura road. Sachin was asking whether we should visit some place after the college. I had this place in mind, so I told him that I was willing that place.
Fron View of the Tomb
Abdul Rahim khana e khanan, a well known personality, a poet and one of the Navaratans in Akbar's court. At first the building looks like a replica of Humanyun's tomb though having slight differences in its structure. This double storied building was built in 1598 for his wife; later on he was also buried here.
A Side View Covering Beautiful Piece of Architecture

The ground floor chamber was locked due to the ongoing renovation work. The cenotaph of Khana e Khanas and grave of his wife lies on the first floor inside the central dome.
Cenotaph and Grave of Khan e Khanan and his wife.

The structure looks a bit disturbed because the finishing material from most of the walls has been taken off. The tablet placed outside the complex says that the finishing material was stripped off during the construction of Safdar Jung.
Side View Showing Ground Floor Mehrabs

Apart from the historical importance of Khana e Khanan for being a member of Akbar's Navratan and a poet, this place holds an impression of being one of the finest architectural works done during Mughal reign. That is why I think that it is worth visiting.


  1. undoubtedly, the Mughal Period saw an influential and dominating reign and regime of architecture... the architecture as mentioned above, closely resembles to that of HUmayun's tomb...
    not been to this place, but, thank you, Abu bhai, your efforts sure pays off here :)
    thank you for the post...

  2. Thank you so much for your precious comment :)


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