Gaman : The Story of a Peasant

Gaman, a 1978 film based on the issue of Urban migration, was the directorial debut of Umrao Jaan fame director Muzaffar Ali. Though the film shows the story of Ghulam Hasan, a peasant from Kotwara village of Khiri District in central Utter Pradesh, but most of its scenes were filmed in Mahmudabad. I remeber the scene when I first saw it during my stay in Lucknow, somebody pointed out someone from Sitapur during the frame of Moharram procession that sets out from the Palace of Raja Mahmudabad. The film starts with the melodious voice of Girija Devi singing "Ras ke bharey torey nain", a thumri in Raag Bhairavi. The camera reaches the old indian style kitchen showing Khairun ( Smita Patil ) making tea for his man Ghulam (Farookh Sheikh) The most adorable thing I find whenever I watch this film is the dilect of awdhi that I used to overhear duing childhood days in Sitapur. Mother of Ghulam enters the room and shouts "Utho ke sowahe kariho. Sab apne kam dhandha ka gaye aur tumhri khatiya naye chhooti." The film includes more such scenes that will help you to relate to the language and culture of east UP. It was a outstanding piece of sound and brilliant acting by Smita Patil plyaing khairun, Farookh Sheikh as Ghulam Hasan and Jalal Agha playing Lallulal Tiwari . Apart from the story, film was enriched with high class Music winning the National Award in 1979 for best music direction to Jaidev. Shaheryar. who wrote songs for the Umrao Jaan also arrogated his mastery over pen in this picture writing the song "Aap ki yaad ati rahi" that help Chhaya Ganguli winning the National Award for outclass playback singing.

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