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Naan Gosht – An Exclusive Part of Amroha’s Culture

Under the rule of Mughals, several Amrohvis secured esteemed positions in the Mughal court and  the armed forces. In addition to the monuments and buildings built by these Mansabdars with the economic assistance of the Mughals, Amroha also imported some exclusive ingredients of Mughal culture. Degh ka Salan (Meat cooked in a huge vessel) generally called Qorma is one of the dishes that we acquired from the Mughal cuisine. Yakhni Wali Biryani is also an exclusive part of this cuisine. Qorma is usually served with Tandoori Roti , called as Naan in general. This duo of Qorma and Naan is known by the vernacular name Naan-Gosht . This is the chief dish of the cuisine in all the ceremonial events happening in Amroha.  You cannot imagine the conclusion of a marriage ceremony without Naan – Gosht where non-veg food is served. Let alone the marriage ceremonies, Naan- Gosht also remains a part of the cuisine in various small gatherings and parties. It is most preferred to all

9 Witty and Inspiring Quotes of Richard Feynman

If I you think Science is boring and scientists are geeks wearing high power spectacles then you should certainly know this man. The man who broke all the conventional rules of scientific observation and experimentation through his unusual curiosity and love for learning things. Richard P Feynman, a physicist, Nobel laureate, an artist, a bongo player, a maverick, a learner in the true sense who mesmerized his listeners with his remarkably witty way of expression and brilliant ideas in Physics.  Quote 1 - You are easy to fool Quote 2 - Life is uncertain go find the certainty   Quote 3 - Be irreverent   Quote 4 - Not for [re]production   Quote 5 - Doubt is the cult   Quote 6 - Not knowing is OK   Quote 7 - Laugh louder   Quote 8 - What is in name?   Quote 9 - Yes! I am!  

What If

What If What if I disappear What if I run away in to the darkness of nonentity What if you never find me again What if I become too quite to be heard What if I become too loud to be heard What if I become light against your darkness What if I become darkness against you light What if I become your own shadow and you never see me for there will be no light around What if I become you own shadow and you never see me for no shadow can be seen in the darkness What if I become the odour of far reached flowers of the valley of nonexistence What if I become air, you can feel but never see or touch me through the senses What if I never existed Unknown Unnoticed In the world full of people uncountable Doubting my own existence What if I disappear What if I keep quite What if? As if you cared!

The Untold Story of the Nautch Girls

I have always been curious about the ruined structure standing in the graveyard situated in Dargah complex of Shahvilyat. Whenever I have visited that place from my early childhood till the time, I always used to ask my father or other elders with whom I used to be with about that structure. The answer was always so absurd that it could not satisfy my curiosity. The answer used to be, “ Log kahte hain yahan Tawayfon ki qabrein hain ( Some people say that there used to be the graves of the nautch girls). Another reason for their absurd answering was that in their culture it was considered   inappropriate to discus about the nautch girls before the kids of my age. I was a kid indeed, a kid with so many questions about such places. It was obvious to have that intensive curiosity about such things and all my questions were yet to be answered. During a certain span of time, I paid no such attention to that place. It is now when I have started working on this blog (Exploring Amro

क़ानून से बड़ा मैं!

आदिकाल से अब तक, अपने हठ को कभी हटने नहीं दिया । मैंने अपने अस्तित्व को शक्ति के द्वारा मनवाया । मेरी शक्ति भीड़ में है । मेरे मानने वालों में है । मेरे ऐसे मानने वाले जो मेरे एक इशारे पर मर भी सकते हैं और मार भी सकते हैं । मैंने हर दौर में क़ानून और संविधान को धता बताया । क़ानून और संविधान का अस्तित्व केवल इतना है की उसे किताबों में छापा जाता है और पढ़ा पढ़ाया जाता है । मैं किसी क़ानून को नहीं मानता। मेरा कहा क़ानून है और मेरा लिखा संविधान है । मैंने अपने क्षेत्र का सर्वेसर्वा हूँ । वहाँ मेरा राज चलता है । किसकी हिम्मत जो मेरे रास्ते में आए। मेरे इलाक़े में मेरा क़ानून है जिसका पालन मेरे मानने वाले करते और कराते हैं । मैं चाहे जिसको आने दूँ चाहे जिसको न आने दूँ । ये मेरी मर्ज़ी पर निर्भर करता है । क़ानून! हा हा हा ....... क्या कहा? क़ानून ? क़ानून मैं हूँ ! मैं क़ानून बनाने वाला और मैं ही तोड़ने वाला । क़ानून से बड़ा मैं हूँ !