Saturday, 10 October 2015

9 Witty and Inspiring Quotes of Richard Feynman

If I you think Science is boring and scientists are geeks wearing high power spectacles then you should certainly know this man. The man who broke all the conventional rules of scientific observation and experimentation through his unusual curiosity and love for learning things. Richard P Feynman, a physicist, Nobel laureate, an artist, a bongo player, a maverick, a learner in the true sense who mesmerized his listeners with his remarkably witty way of expression and brilliant ideas in Physics. 

Quote 1 - You are easy to fool

Quote 2 - Life is uncertain go find the certainty

Quote 3 - Be irreverent

Quote 4 - Not for [re]production

Quote 5 - Doubt is the cult

Quote 6 - Not knowing is OK

Quote 7 - Laugh louder

Quote 8 - What is in name?

Quote 9 - Yes! I am!

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