Monday, 9 November 2015


I may look dull
I may look dumb
I may appear stupid
When I talk
When I come out with my ideas
I may sound profane
Cursed, antisocial
uncultured or whatever
But, In my mind,
there is something
something that is devastating
the whirlpool of uncontrolled thoughts
shattering the tiny boat of my conscience 

I may appear dull
outside, but inside
In my mind
I am hyper active
Possessing profound thoughts
Abstract philosophies
Subtle ideas about life,
about everything that exists
or doesn't exist

I may appear thoughtless
Always talking like a parrot
repeating words that have meanings
or have no meanings at all
But, inside in my mind,
I am beleaguered
by the thoughts
wanted, unwanted
shallow, deep
noble or evil thoughts
I may appear
You reflect

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