Irfan Siddiui's Beautiful Ghazal "Mauj e Khoon Bankar Kinaro Se Guzar Jayenge Log"

"Arz Kiya Hai!"

I am glad to initiate a series of Poetry Recitals in my voice as "Arz Kiya Hai!" series. I have earlier shared some of Jaun Elia's and other Poet's ghazals and nazms on my YouTube channel. I love reading and reciting poetry. Here I present a beautiful ghazal of famous Urdu poet Irfan Siddui. It's my pleasure to share his ghazal in my voice because, in my opinion, he was amongst the finest of Urdu poets that we have ever known. So, listen to this ghazal and let me know about your views. I will be glad if you leave suggestions in the comment section so that I can imrove my skills in future. 

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