The 3T strategy of South Korea against COVID-19

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After its origin from the Wuhan city of China, the novel corona virus has spread all over the world like bush fire. Infecting half a million people globally and killing thousands of them mainly in China, Italy, Spain, Iran and USA, it is now spreading its roots in India. The number of reported cases is increasing at an alarming rate in India (800+ positive cases and 17 deaths while the article is being written) has to put the whole country under 21-day lock-down putting the economic wagon at the stake of derailing amidst its previous slowdown.
However, as per the WHO guidelines the social distancing seems to slowdown the rate of spreading infection but it not the only solution that can single-handedly counter the problem. China has already reportedly overcome the problem by imposing lock downs. Another country that came out triumphant in the war against this deadly virus is South Korea which was under threat of serious troubles due to corona virus pandemic.
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South Korea has successfully controlled the spread of the infections by applying the 3T strategy. The 3T strategy stands for Tracing, Testing and Treatment.  
To overcome this great health hazard which is supposedly threatening the lives of thousands of people across the nation, India should adapt the 3T strategy to fight COVID-19.
Although, India has been able to impost the 21-day long lockdown as a preventive measure amidst COVID-19 pandemic to stop the virus from reaching community transmission which is likely to happen as anticipated by the top health experts of the country. However, it should also strengthen its strategy to combat the virus by effectively tracing all the suspected cases of virus and implying robust testing to confirm the infection and eventually treating the positive cases using available symptomatic treatment procedures.
It should be kept in mind that most of the suspected people being tested for COVID-19 in India are being prioritized on the basis of their travel history to corona affected nations or them being in close contact with an infected person. However, it is most likely that people showing no symptoms while meeting the aforementioned criteria might be healthy carriers of this deadly virus. Therefore, it is suggested the government should ensure the flexibility in the testing criteria and starting more test centers across the country. It should be noted that India has already started working in this way by allowing the private labs to run COVID-19 tests. So far around 63 testing centers has been approved throughout the country.
As WHO has recently commended India for its ability to contain the COVID-19 pandemic. It has also suggested the although lock-down is “comprehensive and robust” in slowing down the threat of COVID-19 infection by 62% but it is not only way to stock this deadly virus. Therefore, it is suggested that India should also follow the footsteps of South Korea by implying the 3T strategy in war against novel corona virus. Tracing, testing and treating the found cases of COVID-19 might help India win this war.


  1. This definitely seems to be a measure to be taken to curb this deadly virus's spread in our country. Good point up there.

  2. An effective strategy for tracing is a must otherwise it would be difficult to break the cycle

  3. Nice strategy to combat, Thali bajao and lockdown can not work should be treated from root to shoot.


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