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Ten Things to do During Lockdown

Everyone around the corner is talking about corona virus and lockdown over the internet and famous social media platforms. As the 21-day lockdown is going to meets its end on 15th of April but it is more likely that it can be extend further seeing the rising cases of COVID-19 in the country. Stick to their phones and laptops most of the time, people are sharing throwback pictures, their workout sessions and other such activities, that they are doing to put the boredom brought up by the lockdown, on their Facebook and Instagram handles. Celebrities and famous personalities are locked up inside million-rupee flats and bungalows. More or less, the statistics and observations are proving this pandemic to be an urban crisis, for majority of the cases reported so far come from the urban localities. However, India is going through a 21-day long lockdown and everyone is shut inside their houses. People are utilizing this time differently. Some people are doing creative things and others