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Kitabwallah: Embers by Sandor Marai

Set in the late nineteenth century, this novel by Hungarian novelist Sandor Marai, originally written in Hungarian and translated into English by Carol Brown Janeway,discusses a variety of colorful aspects of human life. It talks about royalties, castles, solitude, dimly lit rooms with furniture that hasn't been touched in decades, emotions, love, friendship, deceit and betrayal, a possible extramarital affair, and a failed murder attempt.            The story begins with the introduction of the protagonist, the general, who receives a letter informing him of the arrival of his guest, a friend whom he has not seen in 41 years. Then it introduces another important character, Nini, the ninety-year-old nurse who has suckled the general and served as a refuge for him during difficult times. The story continues by describing the preparations in the castle for the guest's long-awaited arrival, depicting melancholy scenes from the dining hall and leading to the salon where both the